E-light Ipl Rf Nd Yag Laser EB-M2

Combined e-light ipl rf nd yag laser cavitationModel No.: EB-M2Treatments:Elight IPL working system: acne removal,vascular therapy,blood vessel removal,pigmentation removal,skin rejuvenation,wrinkle removal,hair removalBi-polar RF working system: wrinkle removal,face lifting,anti-aging,body shaping,skin tightening,slimmingNd yag Q switch Laser system: tattoo removal,spot removal,skin rejuvenation,skin whitening40Khz Ultra-cavitation system: weight loss,body shaping,slimming,cellulite reductionFeatures :1、5 working systems: E-light, IPL,Bi-polar RF,Nd yag laser,40khz ultra-cavitation2、4 high quality handles: 1 elight ipl handle,1 RF handle,1 nd yag laser handle,1 cavitation handle3、10 inch big touch screen4、Plug and play hand-piece with water-proof connectors.5、uses AFT handle,has color crystal and 7 different filters.6、Interchangeable filters for different treatment item and easy cleaning.7、High quality CPC connector for easy installation & operation,no water leak,safety assured.8、Machine auto-checking to ensure machine safety9、User friendly software for simple or professional operation.Technical Specification :Display Screen10’’ TFT true color touch screenHandles4 pcs: E-light,RF,Laser,CavitationOperating language12 kindsCooling systemAir cooling+water circulation cooling+semiconductor coolingVoltageAC 220V(110V)/ 15A 50Hz(60Hz)E-lightOutput power: 2000W         Energy: 1-50J/cm2Filters: 480nm/530nm/590nm/640nm/690nm 5pcsPulse width: 0.1-99.9          Pulse space: 5-99msPulse number: 1-15           Pulse interval: 1s,2s,3s,4sRFOutput power: 900W          Energy: 1-25J/cm2Probe diameters: 20mm,28mm,35mmFrequency: 10MhzLaserOutput power: 500W         Energy: 300-1500VHandle tips: 532nm,1064nm,1320nmFrequency: 1-6HzCavitationOutput power: 200W         Energy: 1-6Frequency: 40kHzPackingPackaging: aluminum alloy case + thick spongeMachine dimension: 63*45*110cmPackaging Dimension: 71*51*117cm


至: Xiamen ELOS Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd
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