Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor1 Two screw air compressorOptimized design of airend allows enlarging capacity of compressor at same energy consumption,Website:, and it enables screw air compressor reduce your energy expense.2 Computer control systemDisplay real time pressure and temperature and maintenance notice. Historical high temperature and high pressure is available to review.3 Protection systema.Motor overload protection, stopb.High discharge temperature protection, stopc.Overpressure protection, stopd.Phase fault protection, phase loss protection, stope.Lubrication displayf.Air oil separator block alarmg.Oil filter block alarmh.Air filter block alarmi.Stop alarm4 Display system1.Discharge pressure 2.Oil pressure3.Discharge temperature4.Accumulated rum time5.Motor overload6.Running condition7.Stop5 Air oil separatorOil flooded screw air compressor needs oil to absorb heat and noise, lubricate and seal airend. It leads compressed air to be mixed with oil and needs air oil separator to reduce some oil. We use internal air oil separator, oil content less than 2ppm which maximally reduce oil loss.6 CoolerCooler is enlarged by 30% and prolong cleaning period.7 Admission valveAdmission valve special design prevent backflow. According to history air consumption, pressure signal is sent to control system and adjust air absorption by the way of controlling valve’s opening angle. It makes air delivery more efficient.8 Minimum pressure valveThe non-metal double vertebral body structure design is sensitive and close quickly to avoid air backflow and pressure loss.9 MotorUse closed air cooled design, IP54, insulation grade F, service factor 1.15, SKF bearing 


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