Energy-efficient Automatic Shape Moulding Machine

Main Features1.Automaitc computer control system,color touch-screen control, easy to operate2.Foam products have low moisture content. Low energy consumption and short production cycle time. Perfect stabilization of size3.The device contains steam room, so it only needs to install the mould core, reducing mould costs, and getting better air tighthness, forming faster, lower power consumption4.The frame is welded by quality steel, high strength and good stability5.Rack failure annealed after welding heat treatment. Using imported CNC machining center. The underlying fine uses san-blasting, galvanizing and the overall surface painted, high corrosion resistance6.Using advanced multi-cylinder hydraulic clamping systems, high clamping speed and locking strength7.Using advanced central energy distributor, for good steam pressure balance and stability8.Efficient vacuum cooling system with spray nozzle, independent of the drainage system, greatly reducing vaccum time9.Pressure feed, advanced sensors to control the feeding amount and densityTechnical specificationsItemsType UnitCH-CX-K68(A,B)CH-CX-K810(A,B)CH-CX-K1513(A,B)Standard Dimensions of Moldmm990X7901190×9901510×1340Max. Contour Sizemm600×800×1301000×800×1301320×1150×130SteamPipeline inlet sizemmDN80DN80DN80Mould inlet sizemmDN40DN40DN40PressureKg/ cm23-63-63-6Consumptionkg/cycle2-3.52-3.02-3.5Cooling WaterPipeline inlet sizemmDN80DN80DN80Mould Inlet sizemmDN25DN25DN25PressureKg/ cm22-3.52-3.52-3.5Consumptionkg/cycle15-3015-3015-30temperature℃40-5040-5040-50Air-CompressedPressureKg/ cm24-54-54-5Pipeline inlet sizemmDN80DN80DN80Consumptionkg/cycle0.015-0.0200.015-0.0200.015-0.020vacuum coolerPipeline inlet sizemmDN25DN25DN25PressureKg/ cm21.5-31.5-31.5-3temperature℃25-3525-3525-35Consumptionkg/cycle10-2010-2010-20Supply Powerkw12.512.512.5Molding Periodsecond/cycle38-5538-6038-60Pollution Control InterfacemmDN80DN100DN100Overall Dimension(L × W × H)mm2810×1810×30502810×2010×32502810×2330×3600Machine Weightkg≈5500≈6000≈6500


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