MWM Hydrogen Generator

FENGDE is a professional mwm hydrogen generator manufacturer,Website:, supplier and factory, welcome to check mwm hydrogen generator price with us, or import CE mwm hydrogen generator China, and Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South America, and Russia from us.MWM Hydrogen GensetMWM Hydrogen Generator Power:Powered by the MWM technology, engine technology is mature, stable and have a reliable quality, so that it is one of the world's most sophisticated products. (partly)MWM Hydrogen Working System:Engine with multi-point injection technology match with our own patented system , and can achieve a historic innovation in design and the technology of hydrogen intake control cam also ensure product stability and safe operation.Generator Control System:The use of EU produced ComAp control system,and friendly operation interface in english and chinese,also with high degree of automation.Generaotor Design Philosophy:Skid-mounted integrated in design and production. The cooling systems, control systems, gas pressure system are integrated in the skid,so that can decrease the  on-site installation time and commissioning time.Security System:Hydrogen gas system comes standard with explosion relief valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, combustible gas leak alarm system (optional) remote monitoring system (optional).Parts Supply Support:80% of the parts can be found all over the Cummins and Deutz distributors and outlets to provide a comprehensive range of spare parts and services to customers worldwide. (For MWM )Scope Of Supply:Gas engine, generator, controller, base, fan water tank, gas valves, gas filter, explosion-proof solenoid valves, starting batteries and connecting cables, random accessories and technical information.Gas Source Requirements:Before the gas intake regulator from the unit within 1m, the gas pressure is not low 0.3MPa; H2S content ≤20mg / Nm3, the total sulfur content ≤480mg / Nm3, impurity size ≤5μm, impurities ≤30mg / Nm3, no free water .50Hz MWM Hydrogen Genset Data Sheet (1500RPM)Genset TypeGenset PowerEngine ModelDimension:Weight                                  (KG)(KW)(KVA)L×W × H(mm)FDDA120HY120150BF6M1015C2700×1060×16802170FDDA140HY140175BF6M1015C2700×1060×16802300FDDA150HY150187.5BF8M1015C3140×1400×19602600FDDA160HY160200BF8M1015C3140×1400×19602690FDDA180HY180225BF8M1015C3140×1400×19602690FDDA300HY300375TBG620V84038×1408×24447800FDDA350HY350437.5TBG620V84038×1408×24448000FDDA560HY560700TBG620V124350×1700×23509550FDDA700HY700875TBG620V165120×1700×247011700FDSB400HY40050012V1905680×1970×255612700FDSB450HY450562.512V1905877×1970×270013200FDSB500HY50062512V1905925×1970×270013300


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