Automatic Abrasive Recycling Sand Blasting Room

Suction Type Sand Blasting RoomQingdao Puhua provides industry with high quality, dependable blast room equipmentBottom chamber is area of abrasive collection and suction channel, dedicated to collect abrasive, slag and dust. In the abrasive collection area is sealed inverted V type steel plate, in favor of recycling and collection of abrasive and dust.Detachable honeycomb floor is a module combination of abrasive collection, it’s our latest technology solution after many times optimization and improvement. This solution considered the wear and maintenance of honeycomb floor and recycling channel during the long-term use. The equipment maintenance is very simple and quick, avoid more accessories changing and reduce the maintenance cost in the long-term operation. The pit of this kind sand blasting booth is less than 0.5 m.The maintenance of honeycomb floor is very simply and quick. Firstly its structure is very simply, less wearing parts and less maintenance parts. The honeycomb part is detachable and standard module combination, can be easily removal and find the maintenance point. Puhua made the wearing parts to standard replacement parts, connected with flange, no need to weld when replacing the parts.Industries that require this process include:• Steel Fabricators• Construction Equipment• Railcars• Steel Tanks• Trailers• Oil Field Equipment• Ship BuildingQingdao Puhua offers a variety of reclaim floor designs and room configurations which allow us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customer.Sand blasting room compositionMainPartsSandblastingchamberSand (shot)StorageHopperSandblastingdeviceSeparatorAbrasiverecyclingsystemLightingsystemDustcollectorSteelgrillingTrolleysystemElectriccontrolsystemAbrasive recycling systemParameterRecycling systemManually recyclingSemi-auto recyclingScrew conveyor recyclingScraper recyclingSuctionrecyclingTypeManuallySemi-autoAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticPit requirementNo pitPart little pitDeep pitLittle pit or no pitNo pit or little pitEfficiencyLowLowHighHighHighPower consumeLow powerLow powerMediumMediumHighMaintenance partsLittleLittleMechanical partsScraper and mechanical partsHoneycomb floor partsLabor costMoreMoreLessLessLess

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