rubber wave foam

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Sound-absorbing effect is good, FR,Rohs,svhc Noise reduction GB,BS-5852 or TB117 rubber wave foam

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cellulose sponge
cellulose sponge serious colors, scrub and wash your body and face, wear resistant,and not easily deformed. no stimulus ,good absorbant.
sponge products
sponge products sponge products 1.feature abrasion resistance, toughness, anti-vibration 2.function FR 3.Uses packaging
lastest item rubber glaskets
lastest item rubber glaskets rubber glaskets 1.feature Material is soft, comfortable 2.function no odor and pro-environment 3.Uses Clothing, shoe
cthick hole fibra sponge
cthick hole fibra sponge after weting the volume will be expanded , after using cleaning solution will produce rich color, soft material,nice apperance
package box foam
package box foam Abrasion resistance, toughness, anti-vibration GB,BS-5852 or TB117 package box foam
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