Panansonic CM402 44/56mm feeder

Panansonic CM402 44/56mm feeder KXFW1KS8A00

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 we supply  Panasonic machines and spare parts for long time,like feeders,nozzles,drivers,servo motors, boards etc

Our product lists are as follow:

 Panansonic feeder:  CM402 44/56mm feeder KXFW1KS8A00 ,MV2F Q Feeder 8w4p X00RPC084W,CM402 12/16 FEEDER WITH SENSER FA0220ABA251338 ,CM402 CM602 8MM feeder KXFW1KS5A00 ,MSR Tape Feeder FAG8S02RM1 8*2mm Emboss ,BM221 16MM Emboss FAE1600MA3 feeder ,24MM Emboss FAE2400MA3 feeder ,32MM Emboss FAE3200MA3 feeder ,44MM Emboss FAE4400MA3/FAE4400MA300 feeder ,BM Vibratory copy stick feeder 

 Panasonic Accessories / nozzle:  P326M-075MSGA Y-axis drive box1080320300 (GP-MF102K) cameraN1L003C1C (LA-M00003-C1-C) MMC cardN1F86243A (FAM00862-43A) identification cardP326M-040MSGF drive boxP326M-075MSG X-axis drive boxN610004630AA NOZZLE (No.101)N610004631AA NOZZLE (No.102)N610004632AA NOZZLE (No.103)N610004633AA NOZZLE (No.104)N610004634AA NOZZLE (No.105)N610004656AA NOZZLE (No.119)N610017373AC 2125 Nozzle (120S)KXFE0008A00 ONE BOARD MICROCOMPUTERKXF0DWW9A00 DC MOTOR, 10WN510043555AA DC MOTOR, 1.7WN510015533AA BALL SPLINE

 Panasonic Board:  CM202-D VISION BOARD PR15EBM0000 ,N209PC55-186 ,ME03-96P-M4LT1-A2 , LA-M00105-2 ,JA-M00220 ,FA-M00863-16 ,LA-M00003 ,JA-M00220-1D-G 

 Panasonic driver:  Panadac LA321002-2 ,MR-J2S-350B ,DV47005MSGC P326M-005MSGC ,DV47L040MSGC P326M-040MSGC ,DV47L003MSGA P326M-003MSGA ,DV47J075 LFGE P325C-075LFG-E 

DV46JP100V ,326F-040MSG-A N1P326F40MGA ,326F-040MSG-A N1P326F40MGA ,CM402 Y Axis Driver MR-J2S-100B-EE085 ,M202 X axis Driver MR-J2-40B-XT63 ,SGDB-20ADS 

 Panasonic motor: MSM042AJB ,MSM042A2UE ,MSMA012A3A,MSM022A2UE ,MSM5AZP1E  ,MFA024LA2NS ,SGM-08A314 ,SGM-08A312,SGMS-20A6A  ,HC-RFS103-S1 ,MITSUBISH MOTOR CH-MFS73-S23 ,AC Servo Motor SGM-08A314,SMF-G MFA030LA2NSJ MOTOR  ,CM401 MOTOR P/N :KXFB0DX1BA00 MODEL: HC-MF23B-S24 

 If your demandings are not in,please tell me their ID ,I would give you details about them.

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