FUJI CP6 nozzles

XP142/XP143/XPF Nozzle:

ADNPN8303/AGFPN8401            0.4mm: 

ADNPN8313/ADNPN8370/AGGPN8412  0.7mm: 

ADNPN8233/ADNPN8238/AGGPN8422  1.0mm: 

ADNPN8243/ADNPN8248/AGGPN8432  1.3mm: 

ADNPN8240/ADNPN8346/AGGPN8482  1.3melf: 

ADNPN8253/ADNPN8258/AGGPN8442  1.8mm: 

ADNPN8263/ADNPN8268/AGGPN8452  2.5mm: 

ADNPN8250/ADNPN8356/AGGPN8492  1.8melf: 

ADNPN8260/ADNPN8366/AGGPN8502  2.5melf: 

ADNPN8273/ADNPN8278/AGGPN8462  3.7mm: 

ADNPN8283/ADNPN8288/AGGPN8472  5.0mm:

AGFPN8052 1.0mm

AGFPN8062 1.3mm


NXT H12  nozzles list:

AA05600 0.4mm: 

AA05700 0.7mm: 

AA05800 1.0mm: 

AA20A00 1.3mm:  

AA20D00 3.7mm: 

AA0WT00 2.5G: 

AA18C00 3.7G: 

AA20E00 5.0A: 

AA06300 5.0G: 

AA06400 1.3melf:

NXT H04 Nozzles list:

AA06W00 1.0mm: 

AA06X00 1.3mm: 

AA06Y00 1.8mm: 

AA06Z00 2.5mm: 

AA07A00 3.7mm: 

AA07G00 3.7G: 

AA07H00 5.0G: 

AA07C00 7.0mm: 

AA07K00 7.0G: 

AA07D00 10.0mm: 

AA07L00 10.0G: 

AA07M00 15.0G:

NXT H01 Nozzles list

AA0HS00 1.8mm: 

AA08500 3.7G: 

AA08000 7.0mm:


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