DSHD-255G Boiling Range Tester

A:Brief description:    DSHD-255G Boiling Range Tester is designed according the National Standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T7534-2004 “Test Methods for Boiling Range of Volatile Organic Liquids for Industrial Use”.

     DSHD-255G Boiling Range Tester is widely used to determine boiling range of volatile organic liquids for industrial use and organic solvents for material.

     DSHD-255G Boiling Range Tester can also be used to determine distillation characteristics of gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuels and similar petroleum products when you operating with proper flasks.

B: Main technical features:

  (1) The electric furnace is mainly composed of SiC furnace base, 1000W, 220V electric heating wire, and SiC board, which can withstand high temperature. The height of the electric furnace can be adjusted using the height adjustment knob on the electric furnace case. Its heating power can be controlled by voltage adjustment knob on the control panel.  (2) The electric furnace moving boards are made of SiC boards. The diameters of hole on them are φ38 mm, and φ50 mm respectively.  (3) The water bath is composed of overflow tube, temperature adjustment tube, and water bath. The bath size is 244 mm×167 mm×176 mm  (4) The electric furnace case is made of cold rolled steel sheet. There is an observation window in the front of upper section. The electric furnace and distillation flask are installed on it. The electric circuit controlling part is installed on the lower section of the case.  (5) The distillation flask is made of harden glass. The outer diameter of ball type section of the flask is φ65 mm. The inner diameter of the flask neck is φ16.9 mm. The angle between the branch tube and flask neck is 75±3 °.  (6) The condensation tube is made of copper tube of φ14. Its outlet likes arc. It is about 560 mm when it is straighten.  (7) The graduated flask is 100 ml; its scale division is 1 ml  (8) The thermometer is glass mercury type


C: Main technical specifications and parameters(1) Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz

(2) Heating power of electric furnace: 1000 W

(3) Ambient temperature: room temperature~35 ℃

(4) Relative humidity: ≤85%


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