Natural Pea protein Isolate powder

Pea Protein Isolate is made from the high-quality non-GMO peas. The working procedures include separating, homogenizing, sterilizing and spray drying. It’s yellow and fragrant with strong pea taste and has over 80% protein and 18 amino acids & vitamins without cholesterol. It has good gelatinization and water-solubility including dispersibility, stability and dissolution.


Appearance: Creamy yellow or yellow powder

Taste and odor: Taste like the natural flavor, without peculiar smell

Particle size: NLT 99% pass through 100 mesh

Protein: NLT 80.0%

Crude fibre: NMT 0.5%

Moisture: NMT 10%

Ash: NMT 8.0%

Fat: NMT 3.0%

PH: 6.0-8.0

Total plate count: NMT 30000cfu/g

Mould/yeast: NMT 50cfu/g

Pathogenic bacteria: negative

Sodium: 1,400mg

Calcium: 185mg

Iron: 24mg


Amino acids content (g/100gprotein)

Aspartic Acid: 9.13

Threonine: 2.74

Glutamic Acid: 13.41

Serine: 4.13

Histidine: 2.17

Glycine: 3.28

Arginine: 6.09

Alanine: 3.41

Tyrosine: 2.57

Cystine: 0.57

Valine: 4.97

Methionine: 0.63

Phenylalanine: 3.79



Sample order: 1kg/bag packed in an food plastic bag

Bulk order: 20kg/bag, paper & plastic compound bag.

Storage:Store in ventilated and dry places

Shelf Life: 24 months

Applications :

Pea protein is appropriate for use  in a broad range of foods and beverages where protein supplementation isrequired. Pea protein is free of gluten, lactose, cholesteroland anti-nutritional factors.

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