Hot! magnesia refractory bricks for kilns



1. Excellent thermal shock resistance 
2. High refractoriness under load 
3.Good mechanical strength 


Magnesia bricks:


1. The products are fused magnesia as main raw material, after a reasonable size distribution, high pressure forming, high-temperature sintering. The product has strong resistance to slag corrosion ability and high temperature dimensional stability. Mainly used in glass furnace regenerator, the upper part.


2.The regular magnesia bricks are made from dense dead burned magnesia that makes the bricks in good refractoriness, corrosion-resistance, and widely used in checker chamber of glass tank, lime kiln, non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces, open heart furnace, iron mixer and EAF of steel-making, and also ferro-alloy furnace, etc.


3. The bricks with MgO 95% or more in content take the secondary-burning dead burned magnesia or electro fused magnesia as the raw material and burned under the condition of ultra high temperature. They have the features of highly directly bonded and corrosion-resistance and widely used in various kinds of high temperature kilns and furnaces

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