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Cambia Automation Limited is a trade company in China. Main business have Bently Nevada , Honeywell , ABB , Allen Bradley , GE Fanuc , Triconex , Siemens ,etc.

We have thoughful customer service, can help you to expand your business market.


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Packing: Brand new and original in box

Lead time: 2-3 days against the payment

Terms of payment: Telegram transfer

Warranty: 1 year

Minimum order: 1


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Manager: Cherish

Email: sales6@cambia.cn

Mobile: +86 13599507613


Superior product

☆ Allen-Bradley(USA AB)Series
☆ Schneider(Schneider Electric)Series
☆ General electric(General Electric)Series
☆ Westinghouse Series
☆ SIEMENS Series
☆ ABB Robots. FANUC RobotsYASKAWA RobotsKUKA RobotsMitsubishi RobotsOTC RobotsPanasonic RobotsMOTOMAN Robots
☆ Westinghouse OVATION SystemWDPF SystemMAX1000 system spare part
ConversionI/O Signal processingData communication systems Digital-to-Analogue 

☆ Invensys Foxboro I/A Series system FBMI/OSCSTrapezoidal logic controlAccident recallingDAC
Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control systemMost modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture. 

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330190-080-01-00 BRC100 BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-10000000 PCM-11
991-01-XX-01-01 BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-10000000 PR6423/000-031
990-08-XX-01-00 BRC300 PHCBRC30000000 PR6423/002-0030 CON021
330180-X1-CN BRC400 P-HC-BRC-40000000 PR6423/00R-101 CON031
330180-X1-05 BRC410 SPBRC410  PR6423/010-010 CON021
330180-91-05 BSM80C-275AFX PR6426/010-140 CON021/916-240
330180-91-00 BSTC176 SE98424140 SE4601T07  KL4201X1-BA1
330180-90-05 C100/0100/STD VE4001S2T2B4
330180-90-00 C100/0200/STD VE4002S1T1B2 KJ3001X1-BG1 12P0557X162
330180-51-05 C1900/0263/0260A  C1900/0263 VE4002S1T2B2 KJ3202X1-BA1 12P2536X032
330180-51-00 C1900/0363  C1900/0363/0360A VE4002S1T2B4 KJ3202X1-BA1 12P2536X042
330180-50-05 C300/0010/STD VE4002S1T2B5 KJ3204X1-BA1 12P3275X022
330180-50-00 C87-11006 VE4003S2B1  12P3270X022
330173-00-18-10-02-05 CBHX165C 5R 414  VE4003S5B1 KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X082
330130-085-02-05 CI520V1 VE4005S2B2 KJ3221X1-BA1 12P2531X092
330130-085-00-05 CI522 VE4006P2 KJ3241X1-BA1
330130-085-00-00 CI522A 3BSE018283R1 VE4006P2 KJ3241X1-BA1 12P2506X062
330130-080-02-05 CI526 CI540 3BSE001077R1
330130-080-01-00 CI531 3BSE003825R1 CI570
330130-080-00-CN CI532V01 3BSE003826R1 CI590 3BHT340092R1
330130-080-00-05 CI532V02 CI615 3BHT300024R1
330130-080-00-00 CI532V02 3BSE003827R1 330130-045-01-00
330130-045-02-05 CI532V03 3BSE003828R1 CI532V04


​​​I hope we can have an opportunity to cooperate !


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