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Allen-Bradleyis the brand-name of a line offactory automationequipment, today owned byRockwell Automation. The company, with revenues of approximately US $6.4billionin 2013, manufactures programmable logic controllers (PLC),human-machineinterfaces,sensors, safety components and systems, software,drivesand drive systems,contactors, motor control centers, and systems of such products. Rockwell Automation also provides asset-management services including repair and consulting. Rockwell Automation's headquarters is inMilwaukee, Wisconsin.

TheAllen-Bradley Clock Toweris a Milwaukee landmark featuring the largest four-sided clock in thewestern hemisphere.

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Packing:Brand new and original in box

Lead time:2-3 days against the payment

Terms of payment:Telegram transfer

Warranty:1 year

Minimum order:1

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Comany Name:Cambia Automation Limited

Address:No.83 Hubin East Road,Siming District



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