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Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1785 Series PLC-5 Processors


Modular and Chassis Based

Multiple System Capability

Keyswitch Mode Selector


The Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1785 Series PLC-5 Processors are a chassis-based, modular family that offers the user flexibility in programming, networking, I/O and choice of controllers to match the users exact requirements. Well-suited for many diverse applications, the PLC-5 controller brings together existing and future systems by means of networks such as EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet, and offers connectivity among MicroLogix, SLC 500, and ControlLogix controllers. Key features of the EtherNet/IP are information layer, high-speed exchange of information, high bandwidth, and ability to use over the Internet. ControlNet key features include control layer, transfers I/O and program data, high-speed, and deterministic. Whereas, DeviceNet key features are device layer, open standard, and directly connects low-level devices. With the flexibility to grow with the user's needs without the user having to sacrifice capital on training investments, the PLC-5 controllers will continue to maintain their value in the years ahead.

Product Family:1785-L11B, 1785-L20B, 1785-L30B, 1785-L40B, 1785-L40L, 1785-L60B, 1785-L80B




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