Company Overview

Yokogawa is a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions. Combining superior technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance, Yokogawa delivers field proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and reliability.

Businesses and main products

1、Yokogawa's main businesses areindustrial automationand test and measurement hardware and software.

2、Some of Yokogawa's main hardware products are Pressure Transmitters, Flow meters, controllers, recorders and data acquisition equipment.

3、Yokogawa products are used in different industries requiring process control systems. Depending on the size of the project and the requirements, Yokogawa offers various control systems:DCS,PLC,SCADAand ESD (Emergency ShutDown). In collaboration with Shell Global Solutions, Yokogawa also offers Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions for refineries, petrochemical plants, and chemical plants.

4、Centum, Yokogawa's flagshipDCS, has the largest capacity amongDCSs, supporting up to 1 million device tags.

5、Yokogawa manufactures field instruments,testand measurement instruments, and semi-conductor related products.

6、Yokogawa designs and manufactures the most advanced confocal spinning disks used inconfocal microscopy.

About us

Cambia Automation Litimed is a company engaged in electronic products trading company. The company was established in 2016, has many famous enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term friendly business relationship.The company specializes in sales of industrial automation components. Products include DCS control system cards, programmable PLC module SPS, CNC panel controllers, inverters, server drivers and various robots parts.

P0972KD GPS Time Code Generator System

P0972KQ 8 Ft Video Cable For Windows/Solaris

P0972KR Tabletop Keyboard/Video Cable, 50 Ft

P0972KS Tabletop Keyboard/Video Cable, 100 Ft

P0972KT MIW Top Keyboard/Video Cable, 50 Ft

P0972KU MIW Top Keyboard/Video Cable, 100 Ft

P0972KV Fiber Optic Multimode Cable, MT-RJ/MT-RJ, 3 m

P0972KW Fiber Optic Multimode Cable, MT-RJ/MT-RJ, 15 m

P0972KX Fiber Optic Multimode Cable, MT-RJ/MT-RJ, 50 m

P0972ME Media Translator 100FX SC Fiber To 100TX RJ45

P0972ML Power Supply Module For P0972MK Chassis

P0972MQ I/F Cable: NCNI Or ATS To Cat5 Cable Interface

P0972MR 98 Ft (30 m) CAT 5, 10/100BaseT Shielded Cable

P0972NU Series 51E, 36 Gb Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

P0972NW PGX64 PCI Video Card Upgrade Kit (51D)

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