Boldenone Powder

The boldenone powderseries is a variant of the testosterone series. The structural changes make the Boldenone series not provide fast muscle growth as the testosterone series, but because of its low side effects, long-term use of the Bordetone can help to grow very clean muscles, although the Brondanone series is usually used in the bulking process, due to its mild nature, it does not rapidly increase muscles. Compared to the Nandrolone series, Nandrolone has more advantages as it can grow muscle In a short period of time. In the feedback of much practical Boldenone can greatly enhance the appetite, although in some cases is not a good thing, but for those who work hard to gain weight That's a good news.

Although in the short-term of muscle growth, the Boldenone series is not very good, in terms of increasing strength, it is very famous, in many situations, it will be stacked with other steroids In order to obtain the best results, often, athletes will want to use Boldenone to improve their performance, but Boldenone will exist in the human body for an extremely long time, and it can still be detected in the human body in nearly five months. In spite of this, there are many other advantages of Boldenone, not only to increase strength but also to increase muscle tolerance.

Under normal circumstances, the dose of Boldenone should be maintained at 200mg-400mg per week, but each person's constitution is different. If you are using Boldanone for the first time, we will recommend that you start with a low dose when you determine Side effects you can accept later, and then gradually increase the dose, some people think that 400mg/week can achieve the desired effect, but there are many people think that 600mg/ml is still not much of a side effect, this need to look at the different personal physique, due to treasure Boldenone release in muscle is very slow, so it is usually enough once a week to inject, but if you divide it into several injections, you can reduce the amount of each injection.

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