Hydrocyclone Desilter

Hydrocyclonedesilter is the 3rd phase equipment indrilling fluidsolid control system. Hydrocyclone Desilter’scone including 4" and 5" mainly separate 12~47μm solid.One set of desilter has 6-12 pieces of hydrocyclones and the hydrocyclone’s material is polyurethane.Features

  1. 2.Polymeric cones 3.Lightweight, compact 4.Lifting eye welded to frame

Hydrocyclone desilter is usually set behind Desander separator


  1. Be better effect for subsequent process
  2. Durable and low cost replacement
  3. Save much space and provide easy handling
  4. More flexible, user-friendly and proper cost
  5. Provide easy control on treating capacity
  6. Give user convenience on cones installation, etc.
  7. Better to protect equipment when handle and transport

Detailed Product Description1.4", 5" desilter cones2.lower noise and long usable3.The balanced feeding design keep it working very well

Technique parameters





Treating capacity

≤240m3/h (1056GPM)


≤240m3/h (1056GPM)

Desilter cones




Cones quantity




Working pressure

Feed inlet


Discharge output


Separation size


Bottom shaker screen

Without Bottom Shaker

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