Phenethyl cinnamate

Phenethyl cinnamate

CAS No. :103-53-7

Packing:25 kg / packaging

properties:white crystal or amorphous powder. Rose-like sweet aroma, diluted like Plum aroma. Soluble in hot ethanol and oil, soluble in ethanol but slightly turbid, insoluble in water.

Storage:Pay attention to the source of fire, especially to avoid sunlight, and store in a cool place.

Usage:The natural ethyl cinnamate has a fruity aroma in the sand date flower and natural Su Hexiang. The breath is clear and sweet, and distributes oriental fragrance. Natural cinnamate ethyl ester has good effect in combination with fragrant purple fungus and natural fruit essential oil, and is better used in fragrant powder, perfume and essence. It can also be used in edible bayberry flavor, with a clear, sweet and oriental fragrance. Natural cinnamate ethyl ester in synthetic cinnamate is mainly used as a spice for food and cosmetics. And it can be used as a flavoring agent and thickener for flavors.

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