Propyl cinnamate

Propyl cinnamate

CAS No.: 7778-83-8

Appearance: Pale yellow liquid/colorless thick liquid, solid when cold.

Solubility:Miscible in ethanol, ether, chloroform and most non-volatile oils, soluble in propylene glycol, insoluble in water。

Vapor pressure: 0.00141mmHg at 25°C

Packagespecification:200kg/blue barrel


As a spice, this product can be used to prepare high-grade flavors such as beverages, candy, food and daily cosmetics. It can be used for fresh-keeping of fruits and used in moderation according to production needs, in solvents, flavoring, pharmaceutical raw materials intermediates, flavors and fragrances. Propyl cinnamate commonly used in perfume chemicals and intermediates.

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