Glass Fused to Steel Glass-Fused-to-Steel liquid storage tanks

Center Enamel is the first Glass-Fused to Steel liquid storage tankmanufacturer in China. In the past 30 years, We have designed, manufactured and installed our Glass-Fused-to-Steel liquid storage tanks for more than 60countries including USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, UAE, Panama, India and South Africa etc. Center Enamel is not only the first Glass-Fused-to-Steel liquid storage tanks manufacturer and supplier in China, but also the most experienced Glass-Fused-to-Steel liquid storage tanks manufacturer in all of Asia. We offer 30m³ to 20000m³ tanks to meet any kind of industry requirement.

Modular Construction

The Glass-Fused-to-Steel liquid storage tankis made ofGlass-Fused-to-Steel, which combines the strength and flexibility of steel and the corrosion resistance of glass. The modular construction of Glass-Fused-to-Steel liquid storage tanks allows it to be quickly erected. Normally, the installation is very quick, often requiring less than a third of the time it typically takes to complete a welded or a concrete tank. Glass-Fused-to-Steel manufactured and finished in our factory, which allows each section to be formed according to strict structural specifications, with quality bends, welds and surface preparations that are monitored with comprehensive quality control measures. Once the pretreatment for steels are complete, they are powder-coated in a tightly-controlled environment, which results in a durable finish that virtually eliminates corrosion and maintenance issues, unlike field-welded tanks, which must be finished at the installation site, often resulting in an imperfect and inconsistent finished coating that is susceptible to corrosion and other damage.

Glass Fused to Steel Tank Applications Bolted Steel Tanks Irrigation Water Tanks Biogas Storage Tanks Potable Water Tanks Industrial Wastewater Storage Tanks sludge storage tank leachate tanks dry bulk storage tanks agricultural water tanks Anaerobic Digester drinking water storage tanks Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks Fire Sprinkler Water Storage Tanks Liquid Storage Tanks Municipal Water Tanks Industrial water tank Process Water Tanks Grain Storage Silos Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Water Tanks Industrial Effluent Tanks Emergency Fire Water Tanks Agriculture Water Tank Municipal Sewage Storage Tanks Porcelain Enamel Tank Agricultural Silos Fuel And Oil Storage Tanks Stainless Steel Bolted Storage Tanks Stainless Steel Tanks industrial liquid storage tank Frac Water Storage Tanks Glass-lined Steel Tanks Raw Water Storage Tanks More Info Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Water TanksIndustrial Effluent TanksEmergency Fire Water TanksAgriculture Water TankMunicipal Sewage Storage TanksPorcelain Enamel TankAgricultural Silosagricultural filtered water storage tankagricultural water treatment projectfire water storage projectupflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactorbiogas tank for bioenergy projectbrewery wastewater treatment solutionsaquatechThe clove storage tank of tobacco companycoco cola plant wastewater treatmentcosta rica drinking water projectdrinking water project in Australiadrinking water storagefire water storage tankfire water storage tank in BruneiFire Water Storage Tank of Tobacco Manufactureglass fused to steel tankglass fused to steel tanks certificationsglass fused to steel tanks manufacturerglass fused to steel technologyglobal advanced storage tank solutionsgovernment leachate treatment projectHeineken wastewater treatment plantheineken wastewater treatment plant in East Timorhigh airtightness glass fused to steel tank for biogas projectAgriculture Water Tankhigh quality dry bulk storage tanksfire protection water storage tankshigh quality glass fused to steel bolted tankshigh quality glass fused to steel tankhigh quality municipal sewage storage tankhigh record for fire water tankshow are the glass fused to steel tanks assembledindonesia palm oil wastewater treatment plantinner mongolia biogas projectjiangsu rural domestic wastewater treatment forumlandfill leachate treatmentlandfill leachate treatment forumlandfill leachate treatment project in beijingleachate containment tanksleading storage tanks solutions in indo water 2019municipal sewagemunicipal sewage storage tanks with high corrosion resistancemunicipal wastewater treatment plant in kuwaitpharmaceutical wastewater treatmentpotable water project in costa ricapotable water project in panamarelocated industrial wastewater storage tankssecondary agricultural effluent storage tanktaizhou leachate anaerobic nitrification reactorsextile industry parks wastewater treatment projectthe history of glass fused to steel tanksthe rationality of storage tanks designtwo potable water storage tanksurban wastewater treatment plantwastewater storage tankwastewater treatmentwastewater treatment plantsPanama water tankthe municipal sewage treatment plantStorage TanksGlass-Fused-to-Steel TanksAquaculture Wastewater TreatmentAquatech AmsterdamBio-energyWetexWETEXChemical Storage TanksFanasanCOVID-19FENASANFood Process TanksFrac Water Storage TanksFuel And Oil Storage TanksGlass Fused to Steel Bolted TanksGlass-lined Steel TanksGlass-Fused-to-Steel TanksStorage TanksIE ExpoIFATIFAT IndiaINDOWATERindustrial liquid storage tankWastewater Treatment ProjectGlass-Fused-to-Steel Tank In SwazilandTextile Industry Wastewater TreatmentMineral Storage TanksGFS Tank Production StepsRaw Water Storage TanksGFS TanksGlass-Fused-to-Steel Bolted Storage TankStainless Steel Bolted TanksStainless Steel TanksStorage Tanks ManufacturerWETEX 2019Tank AncillariesThaiWaterGREEN EXPO

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