High Frequency Dryer For Insulation Cardboard

It is an advanced process method to dry and mold the insulated board with the high-frequency electric field.

This production method has many obvious advantages compared with the traditional steam, electric drying, and hot air processing methods.

The high-frequency drying equipment developed by our company for high voltage transformer's insulation board is advanced in technology and perfect in function. For many years, it has been applied to a large number of large enterprises at home and abroad. All well received by users both at home and abroad.

Unlike traditional heating, high-frequency heating uses the strong penetration ability of high-frequency electric field (high-frequency electric field penetrability is far stronger than microwave), which makes the material molecules repeatedly polarized, resulting in severe friction and self-heating from inside to outside. It does not require any preheating and heat conduction, so its heating efficiency is very high.

In addition, high-frequency heating is superior to traditional drying and microwave drying, that is, the electric field can realize selective heating through the mould, concentrate energy on the location where heat is needed, and further avoid unnecessary consumption.

Therefore, it can not only greatly save energy, but also greatly shorten the heating time and improve the production efficiency.

Angle ring heating time usually chord length 550mm and thickness 2.5-3mm of not more than 6 minutes, chord 700mm angle ring heating time is 8 minutes. If the multi-layer material is dried together at the same time, the cost will be reduced more.

Because in the heating process, the material of the water evaporated quickly, and the heat dissipation condition is better than the inner surface, the inner temperature will be slightly higher than the outer layer, according to the material drying theory: with heating process, maintain steam pressure and heat transfer in the same direction is most conducive to the drying of materials.

This heating method not only makes the internal fast and thorough but also completely avoids the phenomenon of the external coke.

Because of the high-frequency electric field heating both inside and outside, it is more suitable for the insulation material or multi-layer material to be heated at the same time.

When the material is heated in the high-frequency electric field, the equipment will put pressure on the mold, so that the material in the water was a lot of extrusion and molding in the electric heating at the same time.

In this process, if the material itself contains impurities like metal powder with low insulating, impurity will produce high temperature overheating and even breakdown insulating board in the high-frequency electrical field. At this time the equipment will warn alert,and start the protection system so that the disqualified material is eliminated during the heating process.

Ensure the quality of the product so that it is suitable for higher insulation requirements.

This high-frequency drying equipment does not require any auxiliary equipment. After electrifying and material loading, the whole drying process can be completed by pressing a button. The operation is very simple.

There is no pollution to the environment. Without any dust, smoke or high temperature.

The national high-frequency electric field leakage standard: 25V/m, our company's dryer insulationis tightly shielded by various protection technologies. The measured leakage value is only 0.2-1V/m, which is 20 times better than the national standard. Effectively protect the human body and protect other equipment from the high-frequency electric field.

Liaoning Unify High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd is a renowned Chinese company specializing in R&D and manufacture of high-frequency welding machine, high and medium frequency induction heating equipment and fully solid state equipment. Welcome to order from expert high frequency welding machine manufacturer in China.

Our hf plastic welding machineare extensively applied in manufacturing automobile interior trims and inflatable products, welding PVC, drying timber and insulation paperboard, etc. The quality management of our company is in conformity with ISO9001:2000 and our products are CE certified. To co-operate with us guarantees that you will get the best equipment with affordable price. Tieling Yufei High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd is looking forward to providing the best service for you.

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