Types Of Hospital Beds for Home Use

For most bedridden people, they can not move by themselves and have to stay on bed for the rest of their lives. Long time lay on bed, bedsore can not be avoided and nursing will be a big problem for nurses or their family. Based on this reason, the nursing home bed was invented and put into market. Compared to hospital beds, nursing home beds developed the functions. A standard nursing home bed has the following functions: back up, leg up/down, chair function, left/right turning, on bed toilet. We produces both manual nursing bed and for electric nursing bed for customers' different requirement.

Electric Home Care Bed

Electric home care beds can help lower the nurse's work load. Some patients who are not 100% bedridden and unconscious can control some functions by themselves. Compared with the manual home care bed, the operation is easier, but price is higher.

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Manual Home Care Bed

Manual home care beds can help lower the nurse’s work load. Compared with the electric home care bed, the operation is not as convenient as the electric ones. However, the price is more competitive.

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Differences Between Hospital Beds and Home Care Beds

Back Up:

Patients can sit up and do some daily life activities easily, lessening nursing burden for both patients and nurses.

Leg Up/Down:

Relax patients legs, promote legs blood circulation, preventing varicose veins and easily for legs' daily care.

Chair Function:

Adjust bed to a comfortable position to meet amusement, dining, reading and cleaning.

Left/right Turning:

Help patients to turn over easily, relieve paralyzed patients' boday bruising, effectively protect patients from decubitus.

FAQs of Home Care Bed

I Do Not Want Home Care Bed on Bed Toilet Function, Can You Remove This Function?

Yes, we can make the home care bed according to your need. We can not only remove the on bed toilet function, but also functions. It is like a toy bricks.

If I Want to Keep the Functions of the Home Care Beds, but Change the Accessories, Can You Do That?

Yes, we can change the accessories of the home care beds for you without changing the functions. We often do this work for our different distributors.

Do You Think Home Care Beds Are a Good Trend for Business?

Yes, I definitely believe that home care beds products will be a good trend for business. It has been proofed for different countries markets. Such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Peru, Chile and especially in China.

Hengshui Plus Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional medical bed manufacturer. We provide home care adjustable beds, small hospital beds for home use, bedding for hospital beds for home use, home nursing bed, patient bed for home use, double hospital bed for home use, home health care beds, residential hospital beds, Hospital Bed, Medical Trolley, Ward Accessories and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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