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Consider Your Actual Space Needs

When it comes to multi-functional rooms, it’s not about splitting your space in half down the middle — it’s about allocating your space according to how you’ll actually use it. If you only use your formal dining room on special occasions and holidays, why should all that square footage go to waste for the remainder of the year? If you only host overnight visitors every once in a while, why fill an entire spare room with a stationary guest bed that rarely ever sleeps guests? With transforming or fold-away furniture you don’t have to choose between a guest room or an office, a dining room or a den — so design your multi-functional space in a way that prioritizes the activities for which you’ll use them the most.

Multipurpose Room Ideas

One of the easiest ways to maximize a small space is to make your rooms work smarter. Use these multipurpose room ideas to make the most of your square footage

Designs of Study Rooms

Study room are more functional in wider areas, but I’m not saying that it does not fit with homes having small spaces. In fact you can still create a study area in the same place where your bedroom is. The main characteristic of a perfect study room are: cozy desk and chairs which if possible should be placed near windows or under light fixtures. Study rooms must contain some cabinets or bookshelves for storing of some useful documents and other things. Never forget to put boards either a chalk board or whiteboard that can be helpful. And also cork boards could also be an important piece inside the study room which serves as reminder board so that the kids do not miss important tasks.

What is a multi use space?

A multi-functional space can be described as a true integration of different functions in time and space. This is different from mixed-use development that compartmentalizes the various uses within a community or a landscape.

How do I make my room multifunctional?

When considering which room types are a solid match, opt for a classic combination like a guest room/office, guest room/living room or bedroom/gym. Or match up your dining room with an office. It’s become a huge trend since more people are working from home. The dining room table can double as your desk/conference table; a shelf in your buffet can be used as file storage to keep the room tidy. Or get a rolling storage cart to keep office essentials handy during the workday but out of sight for your Saturday night dinner parties.

Let’s say you’re designing a hybrid office/craft room. You work from home on weekdays and work on your scrapbook on the weekends. Resist the urge to divide the room in a 50-50 split. It makes more sense to set up space for its primary function — in this case, the place you do your 9-to-5. So make a desk the room’s focal point, but give a shout-out to its crafty alter ego with a pegboard of scrapbooking supplies (ribbons, tools, thread spools) hanging on the wall.

Furniture with built-in storage is key to a room leading a double life. For example, pick out side tables with drawers to hold work supplies for a space that’s an office by day and a living room by night. Or if you’re combining a living room and guest room, get a storage ottoman with a flip-up compartment that can store extra sheets and blankets. “Choose your pieces wisely,” Schuneman says.

The more furniture and accessories you add, the smaller the space will seem, so don’t go overboard when setting up. Decide on what the room really needs to serve its two purposes to keep the environment free of clutter.

You’ve heard it before, and it’s still true: Nothing ties a room together like color. So pick a two- or three-shade combination while setting up the room. Even though it’s multifunctional, the room will look balanced and coordinated.

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