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Feejoy,pressure transmitter suppliers,is very professional industrial instrumentation manufacturer for more than 16 years.Nowadays, it is not an era of lack of suppliers, what is worrying is how to find suitable and reliable ones among various suppliers. Our position is not to win on price, but to win with good quality and reasonable price, to win in the processing technology.we will offer industrial control and instrumentation,various liquid level sensors types,level gauge indicator,liquid level indicator sensor,temperature transmitter,,rotary paddle Level Switch,vibration Fork Level Switch,submersible Pressure Transmitter and so on.

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FEEJOY pressure transmitter is a sensor for measuring the pressure of liquid and gas. Similar to other different pressure transmitters,include hydrostatic pressure transmitter,explosion proof pressure transmitter,absolute pressure transmitter,vacuum pressure transmitter,negative pressure transmitter,low cost pressure transducer,the pressure sensor can convert pressure into pneumatic or electric signal for when it works. Our pressure transmitter can convert physical pressure parameters like gas and liquid sensed by the load cell sensor into standard electrical signals (such as 4 ~ 20mADC, etc.) to provide secondary instruments like indicating alarms, recorders, regulators for measurement and indication. And process regulation. We also provide hydrostatic pressure level measurement.

As a pressure transmitter manufacturer, our engineering team uses the latest reliable sensing technology and apply our quality principles to manufacture economical pressure transmitter products, which can even overcome the foremost trivial industrial application problems.

Pressure transmitter indicators are widely used in many monitoring and control applications. In addition to direct pressure measurement, the pressure sensor indicators can also be used to indirectly measure other quantities, such as liquid/gas flow, velocity, water surface height, or altitude.

Application of Industrial Pressure Transducer

Pressure transmitter is the most commonly used smart pressure sensor in industrial practice. The standard pressure transmitter is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, including water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, oil wells, power, ships, Machine tools, pipelines, and many other industries.

The industrial pressure transmitter can be divided into force (torque) balanced type, capacitive type, inductive type, strain type and frequency type according to different conversion principles. The following briefly introduces the principles, structure, Knowledge of use, maintenance, and calibration.

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