5G technology helps VR/AR, smart cities, smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, industrial Internet,The Internet of Vehicles, unmanned driving, smart home, and smart medical care have become reality.

Three Types Of 5G Network Application Scenarios


Mobile broadband (large bandwidth)

Three-dimensional video

Ultra HD video

Cloud Work/Cloud Entertainment

Augmented Reality


Low latency, high reliability (precision industry application)

Internet of Vehicles



Emergency mission application


Mass machine communication (large connection)

Internet of Things

smart family

Smart City

Smart building

5G Application Areas

5G And The Internet Of Things

With the advancement of the intelligent transformation of factories, the Internet of Things as a key supporting technology connecting people, machines and equipment is receiving great attention from enterprises. Faced with complex industrial interconnection requirements, 5G technology needs to adapt to different industrial scenarios and can meet most of the connectivity requirements of the Internet of Things. Therefore, 5G and the Internet of Things have a complementary relationship. The application of the Internet of Things depends on 5G to provide wireless connection solutions in different scenarios, and the maturity of 5G technical standards also requires stimulation and promotion of the demand for Internet of Things applications.

5G And Industrial AR

In the future smart factory production process, people will play a more important role. However, in the future, factory augmented reality AR will play a key role, and AR devices and the cloud will be connected via wireless networks. The information processing function of the device needs to be moved to the cloud, and the AR device only has the function of connection and display. The AR device will obtain necessary information in real time through the 5G network, such as production environment data, production equipment data, and troubleshooting guidance information.

5G And Logistics Tracking

It is expected that 5G will have deep coverage. In terms of logistics, 5G networks can well meet such demands. From warehouse management to logistics and distribution, wide coverage, deep coverage, low power consumption, large connections, and low-cost connection technologies are required. In addition, the end-to-end integration of the virtual factory spans the entire life cycle of the product. To connect widely distributed products that have been sold, it also requires a low-power, low-cost and wide-coverage network, and horizontal integration within or between enterprises It also needs an ubiquitous network.

5G And Industrial Automation Control

Industrial automation control is the most basic application in a manufacturing plant, and the core is a closed-loop control system. In a typical closed-loop control process, the cycle is as low as ms, so the system communication delay needs to be ms or even lower to ensure that the control system can achieve precise control. At the same time, there are extremely high requirements for reliability. If the time delay is too long during the production process, or the control information is incorrectly transmitted during data transmission, it may cause production downtime and cause huge financial losses.

5G And Smart Home

Commercial 5G will break through the drawbacks of different standards and help connect more types of devices. For smart homes that require different devices to interconnect, it can make it possible to access more home devices. The intelligent scene extends from the office environment to the home environment, and empowers the home scene from the three aspects of life, entertainment and safety, and has become an important direction for the development of the smart home market. In addition to mobile s, smart speakers have the greatest possibility of operating interfaces for smart homes in the future.

5G And Autonomous Driving

To realize unmanned driving, an efficient Internet of Vehicles is first required, which requires the support of 5G networks. Because 4G mainly focuses on communication between people, 5G has formed an end-to-end ecosystem, enhanced mobile bandwidth, peak rates up to 20Gb/s, lower latency (≤10ms), and higher Reliability (>99.99%) and greater bandwidth (1 million terminals can be connected per square kilometer). With the official commercialization of 5G in 2020, it is expected to usher in L4 level autonomous driving.

5G Industry's Demand For PCB

Compared with 4G, 5G has higher microwave frequencies, faster data transmission, and greater data traffic. The 5G era requires more high-frequency and high-speed PCB support. The 5G demand for PCB space is about 3 times that of 4G; the demand for high frequency copper clad laminates is 4 to 8 times. The price of high-frequency and high-speed substrates is still significantly higher than that of ordinary FR-4 substrates by 10-40 times.

With the application of 5G communication technology, the application frequency of electronic products is getting higher and higher. Printed circuit boards need not only electrical connection, but also signal transmission requirements. It is necessary to pay attention to signal transmission loss, impedance and delay consistency. The Dk (dielectric constant) and df (dielectric loss) of the material have clear requirements, and the Dk and df values of the material are required to be low. In order to meet the requirements of material Dk and df, it is necessary to modify the resin and add fillers.

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