Pick and place vision system: it consists of 6 major modules, including robot order picking system, robot piece picking system, robot de-palletizing system(Depalletizer520), robot automated palletizing system (Auto Palletizing 520), robot order cache system, and robot parcel supply system. The six systems complement each other and complete the whole process from order placing, loading and unloading, picking and transportation.

Robot Order Picking System (OPS)

Robotic order picking system(pick and place robot programming) is mainly used in outbound of warehouse order with multiple types and batches but small quantity, in the circulation fields like logistics warehousing field. It realizes the functions of pick & place robot, including de-palletizing, sorting, palletizing automation, packing, etc. through pick and place vision system, robot application technology and software integration control technology. The robotic picking system in warehouse achieves the automation of picking and palletizing with low cost of pick and place robot and reduced labor problems. There are various robots in the pick and place automation system, such as pick and place packaging robot, industrial pick and place robot, 3 axis pick and place robot, etc.

System composition:

Pick and place robot working station

Robot picking system

3D visual identity system

Conveyor system

Packing and labelling system

Mixed palletizing software

RCS control system

Piece Picking System (PPS)

Robot piece picking system is mainly used in outbound of warehouse order with multiple types and batches but small quantity, in the circulation fields like logistics warehousing field. Through AI learning, with 3D visual guidance, the pick and place industrial robot can identify and pick small piece items with different sizes and specifications for order picking.

Robot De-palletizing System--Depalletizer520(DP520)

The de-palletizing system docks with customer ASRS system data to realize the inbound of coming materials. Mechanical grippers can adapt to goods size that customer requires, and they are used for unloading and handling in place of manpower. The system integrates a series of operations such as truck unloading, transportation, palletizing, film wrapping, labeling, warehouse inbound, etc. The pick and place packaging machine can achieve delivery within 5 days, installation within 2 days, commissioning within 0 day, high efficient operation.

Robot Automated Palletizing System--Auto Palletizing 520(AP520)

Standard palletizing types are designed for logistics industry to suit different transportation scenarios. The standard palletizing types can be designed according to box size and pallet size inputted by customer, to maximize the utilization of palletizer. Application scenario can be simulated to generate robot motion code. 5 days delivery, 2 days installation, 0 day commissioning and high efficient operation can be achieved.

Robot Order Cache System -- OCS

The standard workstation of circular racking automated cache warehouse adopts FANUC R-2000iB/100H as the application robot for automated handling. When warehouse management system sends out order request, the robot will handle the corresponding pallet to outbound conveying line, which conveys pallet to designated position according to customer need, realizing the automated caching and allocation of materials.

Robot Parcel Supply System -- PSS

The system belongs to the robotic sorting system, being used for sorting and supply of items within specification scope designated by customer. Items such as carton box goods, envelopes, parcels. When a package comes to mechanical arm after tally by operator, the robot will suck the package and put it on corresponding AGV vehicle by robot grippers, completing the sorting.

Application Scenario 1

High speed palletizing robot uses high speed grippers especially for PP woven bag in the process of high-speed handling of PP woven bags. The high speed pick and place robotin the automated palletizing systemhas 4 degrees of freedom, with a small body, slender and flexible arms.

Application Scenario 2

For light carton packing products, the high speed palletizing robot handles them by cooperating with the sponge sucker gripper. In the sponge sucker, the sponge is highly adaptable and durable, and the sponge sucker doesn't need to be adjusted when it sucks different boxes, even applicable for rough or uneven surface. The automatic induction switch of sponge sucker makes it possible to automatically close the untouched one-way valve whether the sucker picks entire layer or part or single piece of the pallet goods, so that one set of gripper can be commonly used.

Application Scenario 3

For heavy carton packing goods, the sucker gripper equipped in bin picking system robot is produced with bottom support, so the carton goods can be held by the bottom support after they are sucked. The mechanism of pick and place robot well guarantees the safety and reliability of handling and palletizing.

Application Industries of Robotic Picking System

Food industry

E-commerce industry

Daily chemical industry

Logistics warehousing industry

Other industries

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