Aisle stacker crane: aislestackercrane is the core equipment of automated 3D warehouse, and realizes the picking and transportation of goods through 3D moving at X, Y, Z directions. They are mainly classified into single-pillar stacker crane and double-pillar Stacker Cranes, also the can stackers, completing work operations through walking, lifting and forking the three drive mechanisms. Fully closed loop control formed by adopting vector control system and absolute addressing system, cooperated with high precision addressing methods such as barcode or laser distance measuring, etc., achieves the high-precision operation of the stacker crane. Lisen Automation, as one of material handling experts, offers stackers white, stackers blackfor sale.

Specification of

Items Name


Stacker crane height(m)

Stacker crane load(Kg)

50 100 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000

Stacker crane fork type

Single deep, double deep, clamping

Stacker crane running speed(m/min)

80 100 120 140 160 180 200 240 300

Stacker crane running acceleration(m/s²)

Stacker crane lifting speed(m/min)

20 25 30 35 40 60 80 90 120

Stacker crane lifting acceleration(m/s²)

Stacker crane fork stretching speed(m/min)

15 20 25 30 35 40 50 60

Stacker crane fork stretching acceleration(m/s²)



Addressing method

Laser distance measuring, barcode positioning device, absolute encoder

Communication method

Wireless Ethernet, infrared optical communication

Drive method

Vector variable-frequency device + asynchronous AC motor Servo drive + servo motor

Positioning precision

±5 ±3 ±2



Application Cases 1 of stacker

Industry customer: An automobile company

Outline: AS/RS 1,060 Cells

Features: asrs warehouse system(AS/RS), inbound and outbound conveyor belt, automated guided vehicle

Application Cases 2 of stacker

Industry customer: A battery company

Outline: AS/RS 11,296 Cells

Features: Lifter Automated warehouse(ASRS), inbound and outbound conveyor belt, lifter

Application Industries Of Stacker

Automobile industry

Food industry

Fast moving consumer goods industry

New energy industry

E-commerce industry

Household products industry

Other industries

Lisen Automation, as a material handling system supplier, supplies rail guided vehicles with customized aisle length.

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