Due to the less mismatched lattice and stable chemical and physical properties, sapphire(Al2O3) wafer is the popular substrates for III-V nitrides, superconductor and magnetic epi-film. They are widely used in GaN and thin-film epitaxial growth, silicon on sapphire, LED market and optics industry.

CRYSCORE is a professional sapphire wafer supplierwho manufactures 99.999% high purity single crystal polished sapphire wafersr for epitaxy. And our sapphire (Al2O3) substrates feature excellent surface finish, which is the key LED parameter.

If you are looking for reliable sapphire wafer suppliers, contact us now.

Different Types of Sapphire Wafers

Standard Sapphire Wafers

CRYSCORE can offer Epi-Ready grade sapphire substrates wafer with a very low surface roughness in complete orientation options.

1 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

2 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

3 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

4 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

5 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

6 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

8 Inch C-plane(0001) Sapphire Wafers

Custom Sapphire Wafers

CRYSCORE supplies sapphire wafers with high quality surface in all orientations (C-plane, A-plane, R-plane, M-plane, N-plane, V-plane, 10-14 etc.) and, with a miscut if desired.

A-Plane (11-20) Sapphire Wafers

M-Plane (10-10) Sapphire Wafers

R-Plane (1-102) Sapphire Wafers

N-Plane (11-23) Sapphire Wafers

V-Plane (22-43) Sapphire Wafers

Specified Orientation Sapphire Wafers

Square & Rectangle Sapphire Wafers

Besides the circle sapphire wafers, square and rectangle sapphire substrate wafers are also available. We have supplied sapphire wafers with various sizes, 5mm x 5mm, 10mm x 10mm, 10mm x 15mm, 15mm x 20mm, etc.

Square & Rectangle Sapphire Wafers

CRYSCORE OPTOELECTRONIC LIMITED is a professional sapphire substrate suppliers, we provide sapphire optics, pss sapphire, sapphire ingotand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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