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Advantage of Bonded Magnetic Compounds

As a new type of magnetic material, bonded magnetic compounds have been widely used in the field of motors, sensors, electromagnetic shielding, etc, and providing a more cost-effective and reliable composite material for home appliances, automobiles, and office supplies industries. Our products are also being used in some new areas, such as cosmetics, toys and so on. By combining the good processing and mechanical properties of the plastic with the magnetic properties of the magnetic powder, the bonded magnets have gained incomparable advantages over traditional sintered magnetic materials. In addition to bonded magnetic compounds, economical and environment-friendly functional composite material, such as high-density compounds and metal bonded plastic, hard ferromagnetic materials may also provide new ideas for your design.

We provide high quality soft and hard magnetic materialsat competitive price, feel free to contact!

Adjustable magnetic properties to meet your customized application requirements.

Flexible shape design and magnetization orientation bring high cost-effective products.

High precision and uniform magnetic field distribution bring high stability.

Hard Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Hard Magnetic Bonded Compounds are manufactured by embedding hard magnetic powder into the thermoplastic resin, and then can be directly injected into the required product by injection molding as same as ordinary plastic particles. One of the advantages of hard magnetic bonded compounds lies in the ability to produce magnetic compound with the complex shape or thin-wall structure, it also can be used to produce magnetic compound with inserts such as axles, stainless steel bushings, rings and so on, which is suitable for mass production and can reduce the assembly cost. Meanwhile, it is possible to magnetize magnets in a variety of patterns (axial, radial, multipole, etc) by applying a magnetic field in the injection mold.

Soft Magnetic Bonded Compounds

Soft magnetic bonded magnets produced by injection molding are also increasingly widely used in the fields of communication and electronic components, such as wireless charging, electromagnetic shielding, transformer skeleton, etc. The advantages of relatively high permeability, low loss, easy molding, and high-cost effectiveness make it play an increasingly important role in those fields. The electromagnetic compatibility and shielding characteristics of the components can be improved effectively through the different structural design. Moreover, soft magnetic bonded magnets also play an important role in the miniaturization and lightweight of devices.

Other Functional Composite Materials

High density and metal bonded plastic products with complex and delicate structures can also be prepared by the injection molding process. Density can be adjusted as required from 2-13 g/cm3, which can replace some traditional aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel, and other materials with metallic texture. Its environmental advantage and shielding function of high-energy ray (X-ray, etc) make it suitable to replace the traditional lead metal alloy. It has high dimensional precision and excellent mechanical properties, which is suitable for processes such as turning, milling, drilling, and so on.

Magnet Solutions

More than 20 years of research on the plastic and magnetic industry has made us a comprehensive technology company involving the development and production of kinds of magnetic materials, injection mold development, magnetic field questions and solutions, and so on. We have in-depth cooperation with many famous companies in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, and power tools, etc. Extensive project development experience has created a group of professional technical talents who can quickly transform customers' ideas into products.

Chase technology is a national high-tech enterprise, which was founded in 2011 and located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang China. We provide hard magnets and soft magnets, rare earth magnet material, soft ferrites and hard ferrites, best ferromagnetic materialand etc. Want to know more? Contact us.

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