Overhead Sectional Door

Sectional doors open vertically, creating free space in front of and behind the door. The door sections are stored flat underneath the ceiling, vertically above the opening or along the roof. Sectional panel lift garage dooris a type of industrial doorbeing widely applied to many factories and large buildings. Industrial sectional overhead doorcould be also used as side sectional garage door. There are also commercial sectional overhead doorsand residential sectional garage door.

Specifications Of Overhead Sectional Door

Product Information


Overhead Sectional Door

Door Panel

Galvanized Steel Plate

Door Filler

Polyurethane foaming

Guide Rail

Galvanized Steel,Noise Level <= 60db

Door Panel Thickness


Operation Temperature

From -40Degrees to 50 Degrees

Drive Voltage

220V 50HZ


Motor, airbag, spring brake device, cable break device, pulleys, control box, brackets

Technical Data:

Climbing Mode

Standard Lifing, High Lifting, Vertical Lifing

Door Configuration:

With Clear window or small sectional door or without window/door

Door Panel Size

Max 12000MM

Opening Size

Max 8000MM

Heat Transfer


Opening Speed:

about 130mm/S

Operation Counts

Max 100times /24 hours

Balance System

External torsion spring balance system, the working life of the torsion spring reaches s working cycle

Opening Type:

Button,rope control,remote control,Geomagnetic Control,Photocell Control, Radar Control

Package:Caron, Wooden Box

MOQ and Lead Time:1set,3days

Features Of Overhead Sectional Door

Efficient thermal insulation

Wind-proof, low noise


Multiple opening methods: Manual, motor-driven, remote, sensors.

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