Outsourcing Services

outstaffing services

Key Advantages:

Wide range of services

Satisfy customers' diversification demand

Customized and specialized services

Laboratory technical supportLaboratory technical support

Installation, disassembly, connection, moving and replacement of kinds of laboratory equipment

System installation, Software upgrade and update, Installation and connection of equipment electricity, Power system maintenance

Daily environmental inspection, Handling abnormal problems, Data maintenance

Data asset maintenance

End to end data maintenance

Equipment data management

Real-time interaction

Laboratory network support

Configuration of network equipment, Software and hardware troubleshooting and maintenance

Making of topology, capacity and security scheme

Installation of operating system and related software

Warehouse management

Daily management of warehouse

Warehouse "7s" maintenance

ERP operation

The HBTE tech is a professional rf components company, we provide positioning equipment, outsourcing outstaffing, it outstaffing, outstaffing, outsource outstaff, outsourcing and outstaffing, outstaffing model, dss nr, etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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