Pumpkin Seeds Kernel

Pumpkin kernels wholesale

Manda Food’s pepitas and pumpkin seedsfrom pumpkin are raw, shelled and edible. As a China pumpkin seeds supplier, Manda has Chinese pepitas, green pepitaswholesale to many countries at a competitive bulk prices.

Features of Manda FoodPumpkin Seeds Kernel

Pumpkin seeds is flat oval, one end is slightly pointed, the appearance is yellowish white, the edge is slightly angular, the surface with hairy, the edge is more. The seed coat is thick, and the hilum is located at one end of the tip. Because of its rich output, wide planting area, and rich nutrition in China, it has been dubbed as one of the "four big nuts", known as "intelligence god", "longevity fruit" and "long live son".

Preferred raw materials, refused to add, natural drying, restore the original taste of the ingredients.

Pumpkin Seed Varieties Types

Manda foodhas different types of edible pumpkin seeds for sale, Our pumpkin seed varieties including dehydrating pumpkin seeds for sale, drying pumpkin seeds for sale, green pepitas for saleand raw shelled pumpkin seeds for sale. Chinese pumpkin seeds kernel contains a lot of vegetable oils and is also rich in vitamins and minerals, making it an ingredient that can be eaten directly.

Storing of Drying Pumpkin Seeds

keep in a cool and dry place sealed, avoid high temperature and humidity.

Specifications of Types of Pumpkin Seeds

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