Double Deep Pallet Racking

As one of the leading storage racking suppliersfor warehouse storage in China, YuRacking provides one-stop-shop service, from pre consulting tohigh-density double deep storage solution, arranged in four lines (two back-to-back bays) together, less aisle need, maximum use of the warehouse, increasing the space using up to 70%. This double deep racking system needs the special deep reach forklift to pick the pallets.

This kind of double racking, need less aisle in the floor, cooperate with the special forklift designed for the double deep racking pallet handling systems, making the high density, cost effective double deep racking/deep racking solution is realizable.

Advantages Of Double Deep Pallet Racking
Widely used, good selectivity;

Fewer Aisle, storage space saving greatly;

High density double deep pallet racking dimensions, cost effective solution;

Easy assembly, easy Installation.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Specifications
Material Steel Q235
Double Deep Pallet Racking Dimensions Length: 1800/2300/2500/2700/3000/3300/3600mm
Width: double deep
Height: 2000-22,000mm
Thickness 1.5mm-3.0mm
Load Capacity 1000-4000 kg per layer
Surface Powder Coated or Galvanized
Feature Anti-rust, Corrosion-protection
Forklift Special forklift-deep reach to the double deep pallets
Sample/OEM/ODM Available
Packing Post: pallet size: L=upright height*W1.1m*H1.1m-1.2m (GP/HQ container, total weight is below 2.5T/pallet)
Bracer: pallet size: L=bracer length*W1.1m*H1.1m
Beam: pallet size: L=beam length*W1.1m*H1.1m-1.25m (GP/HQ container)
Delivery Time 15 days after deposit
All sizes can be customized as your demands

Double Deep Pallet Racking Beam Load Capacity
Box Beam Length (mm)
Section (mm) Loading (Kg) 1500mm 2300mm 2400mm 2500mm 2700mm 2800mm 3000mm 3300mm
80*50*1.5mm 3400Kg 1400Kg 1300Kg 1200Kg 900Kg 800Kg 700Kg 600Kg
100*50*1.5mm 5600Kg 2500Kg 2300Kg 1800Kg 1500Kg 1400Kg 1250Kg 1000Kg
120*50*1.5mm 8900Kg 3700Kg 3500Kg 2700Kg 2300Kg 2100Kg 1850Kg 1500Kg
140*50*1.5mm 12000Kg 5300Kg 5000Kg 3800Kg 3300Kg 3100Kg 2700Kg 2200Kg
160*50*1.5mm 13500Kg 7400Kg 6800Kg 5300Kg 4500Kg 4200Kg 3600Kg 3000Kg
140*50*2.0mm 12800Kg 7000Kg 6500Kg 5000Kg 4300Kg 4000Kg 3500Kg 2900Kg
160*50*2.0mm 15000Kg 8000Kg 7400Kg 6900Kg 6000Kg 5500Kg 4500Kg 4000Kg

Double Deep Pallet Racking Upright Frame Load Capacity
Upright Section Size (mm)
Beam Space
(mm) Loading
(kg) 80*60*2.0 90*60*2.0 90*70*2.0 100*70*2.0 100*75*2.0 120*75*2.0 120*95*2.0 120*95*2.5
≧1500mm ≦5000Kg ≦7000Kg ≦8500Kg ≦10500Kg ≦12000Kg ≦14500Kg ≦16500Kg ≦18500Kg
1400-1500mm ≦6000Kg ≦8000Kg ≦9000Kg ≦11500Kg ≦13500Kg ≦15500Kg ≦18000Kg ≦20000Kg
≦1400mm ≦8000Kg ≦9000Kg ≦10000Kg ≦12500Kg ≦14500Kg ≦17500Kg ≦19500Kg ≦22000Kg
engineering design/layout, oversea shipping, installation, after sales services. With our professional technical designers, specialized QC team, advanced automatic machines, practiced front line workers, experienced installation team. As a professional shelving racking systemsupplier, our solutions can help to increase the capacity, organization, efficiency of your warehouse.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Systemis a

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