Watermelon Seeds Wholesale Suppliers

Watermelon Seeds Wholesale Suppliers

Manda foods is theprofessionalwatermelon seeds factory.Our bulk watermelon seeds for salewholesale have gained much good feedback overseas and overboard. Competitive bulk watermelon seeds cost direct from the watermelon seeds factory.

Features of Manda Watermelon Seeds Kernel

Bulk watermelon seedsare the most common snack on the market, often fried or boiled dry after taking. surface is burnish, appearance is flat color black, all around and middle color boundary line is obvious.

It is rich in nutrition, the role of universal. People eat black melon seeds can kill time and absorb rich nutrition. And has the fragrance of watermelon seed itself, and it is crisp and easy to produce kernel.

Melon seeds ediblecan be used as an ingredient in snacks and also as porridge. Watermelon seeds glutinous rice porridge has the effect of clearing lungs and moistening intestines, eliminating annoyance and quenching thirst.

Types of Watermelon Seeds

We have been manufacturing different watermelon seeds varieties, such as dried melon seeds for sale, organic watermelon seeds for sale and raw watermelon seeds for sale. Dried watermelon seeds have a certain nutritional value, which is rich in fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, and may be beneficial to human health. In addition, Manda Foodcan offerpumpkin sunflower watermelon seeds.

Storing of Dried Watermelon Seeds

Store at room temperature, please store in a cool and dry place.

Specifications of China Raw Watermelon Seeds

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Product Name

Watermelon seeds

Product Type

Melon seeds

Processing Type



White and black



Moisture (%)


Place of Origin

Chinese mainland




10kg per box or as buyer required

Delivery Time

Within 15 Days after Payment

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C

Supply Ability

600 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Food Additives



Premium watermelon seeds for Human Consumption

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