Methyl Iodide

Features of Methyl Iodide

Product Name: Methyl iodide

Chemical Formula: CH3I

Methyl iodideCAS No: cas 74-88-4

Dangerous Grade: 6.1

Technical Data of Methyl Iodide




Clear and transparent liquid

Specific gravity



Distillation range

Package and Storage of Methyl Iodide

100kg/drum or 200kg/drum

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep container closed when not in use

Application /Application Industries:



Methyl iodide is a halogenated hydrocarbon, and its molecular formula is CH3I, MeI, which is an iodine substitute for methane. It is a volatile liquid with high density at room temperature, dipole moment 1.59D, refractive index 1.5304 (20 ° C, D), 1.5293 (21 ° C, D). Methyl iodide is miscible with common organic solvents. Pure color is colorless. When exposed to sunlight, it will decompose iodine and be purple. It can be removed by adding metallic copper. Methyl iodide is present in small amounts in rice fields. Methyl iodide is a methylation reagent commonly used in organic synthesis.

Applications of Methyl Iodide

Used as a methylation reagent.

Used as a fungicide, herbicide, insecticide or nematicide and fire extinguisher components

Used as a soil disinfectant as a substitute for methyl bromide (prohibited by the Montreal Convention)

Due to the refractive index, methyl iodide is also used in microscopes.

For medicine, organic synthesis, pyridine test, microscopy, etc.

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