ASTM A795 Steel Pipe

ASTM A795fire control galvanized pipe

About ASTM A795 fire control galvanized pipe

Fire control pipe

Specification: 3/4”-8”

Raw Material: Q235, S235JR, S355JR

Scope of application: mainly used in fire control piping system

ASTM A795 Steel Pipe For Sale

ASTM A 795 is the standard for black and hot dipped zinc coated (galvanized) and welded steel pipes designed for fire protection specification by the American Society for Testing and Materials. This type of piping is suitable for mechanical and pressure applications as well as for the general use of steam, water, air, and gas piping. As one of the most reliable sch10 astm a795 manufacturers, Tianchuang can provide you A795 steel pipe, A500 steel pipe, and other types of steel pipes.

Applications of the ASTM A795 Pipe

ASTM A795 Pipe is one of the pipes used in an ASTM specification in fire sprinkler systems. It is available in a black or red lacquer finish, or with a hot-dipped zinc coating. ASTM A795 steel pipes can be bent but not suitable for bending at ambient temperature, where the inner diameter of the bend is less than twelve times the outer diameter of the bent pipe. ASTM A795 pipes can be applied in numerous fields. Here is a list of ASTM A795 steel pipe's applications.

Pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries

Casing and tubing for wells

BS1387 scaffolding steel gas pipe

General construction and structural purposes for bridges and buildings, piling projects, etc.

Low-pressure fluid transportation

ASTM A795 Pipe's Diameter

Although the pipe can be bent, it is not at ambient temperature, because the inside diameter of the elbow is less than 12 times the outside diameter of the elbow. The steel shall require for the specified chemical composition. Every section of the pipe should be hydraulically tested and no leakage through the wall. As a choice of the hydrostatic test, each pipe shall be tested by a non-destructive electrical method if accepted by the buyer. Finally, according to the requirements of resistance welded pipe and furnace welded pipe, the pipe is compressed.

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