1100 Aluminium Checkered Plate

China aluminium checker plate sheetor 'aluminium chequer plate', an aluminium tread plate is a type of metal tread plate that has distinctive raised bars that give users a non-slip surface, making it super versatile for many industries. As well as being slip-resistant, china aluminium tread plate sheetare corrosion-resistant, lightweight and easy to fabricate.

Application of 1100 Aluminium Checkered Plate

1100 aluminum alloy checkered sheet floor, such as van-type vehicle catwalk flooring, wood step of the bus or truck, train inspection hole lid, tank car, the car cold storage.

Feature of 1100 Aluminium Checkered Sheet

Light weight transport sector is required, Disassembling, Convenient assembling, the best comer of an aluminum alloy step. Increase the energy-saving effect.

Specification of 1100 Aluminium Checkered Plate

Model Grade



H112 /H114/H24




1200x2400; 1000x2000; 1250x2500;1500x3000


Big 5 bars; small 5 bars; diamond; 3 bar; pointer, etc

Alloy or Not

Pure aluminium

Surface treatment

Mill finished



Technology standard

GB/T 3880/ASTM.B209/EN485

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