Crane Hook

Crane Hook is one of the most important devices for a crane. With the help of pulleys, the crane hook group can realize the hoisting and lifting function.

Hooks have a single hook and double hooks, which are classified into five strength grades M, P, S, T, V according to the mechanical property. Forging hook and strap type hook are manufactured according to a method of manufacturing.

Advantages of crane hook types

We can produce light craneparts according to customer requirements and application conditions.

Each production procedure of each part or item is checked and supervised and recorded to ensure the quality of each part or item and each unit of equipment.

Specification of Crane Hook

Lifting capacity is 5t to 500t.

Customers can provide their requirements, then we will design and manufacture the hook group to meet the operational and safety requirements of industrial crane applications.

Application of Crane Hook

The single hook has a simple structure, which is easy to operate, but its stress condition is bad so it is mainly used in the workplace which with below 80 tons lifting capacity. When lifting capacity is big, a double hook is a better choose for its load-bearing is symmetric.

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