3D Printing Parts

Environmentally friendly rapid prototyping, higher quality, and lower cost. Printing on demanding, create any your flexible design.

3D printing is one-time printing that reduces the production time and cost. We provide reliable and lower-cost 3D printing solutions for the automotive, aerospace, and other industries. Reach out if you would like to explore areas where additive technology might make sense for your business.

Custom 3D Printing Parts

Cutom Bumper Printing

Most of the automobile parts are made by using on plastic material. Some old automobile components are not available in the stores. So these materials are re-creating using on 3D printing technology, this technology is one of the developing technology in the world. If we re-create the bumper component using on 3D printing.

Custom 3D Printing Toy

The ability of 3D printing to easily create figurines, models and plastic electronic casings has been a massive boon to the toys and games industries. Manufacturers and enterprising makers have been employing the technology to make a whole bunch of unique tools for gamers to make the most of their play.

Build Architectural Models

Xin Pincan utilized our machine to export data by common 3D CAD file types to create your comple idea. The finished product can perfect show off directly or you can sand and paint your building to give it just the right look. It no need to do any further reprocessing.

Construct Manufacturing Jigs and Fixtures

When you do your own manufacturing, jigs and fixtures are hard for insuring high-quality and efficiency during assembly and testing. Our 3D printer can create complex parts so you are not just dependent on a CNC machine.

Specification of Custom Plastic Parts



Products Name

Custom Assembly Parts

Max Printing Size



White, Black, and Custom as Pantone No.

Surface Finish

Glossy, Semi-gloss, Matte, Textured Finish, etc.

Drawing Format





±0.05mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery can provide quality inspection formatting equipment.

Products Volume

1-100000+ PCS

FAQs of 3D Printed CNC Parts

1 How do you ship the samples to me? is it safe? is it expensive?

We will ship your samples to you via DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx. We will pack them very well to avoid being broken. The shipping cost depends on your model.

2 What Can 3D Printers Make?

3 How dose 3D Printer works?

As one of the mostprofessional custom machining manufacturers, we provide china machining services, 3d metal printed parts, metal casting 3d printed parts, metal plating 3d printed parts, metal coating 3d printed partsand etc. Want to know more, contact us.

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