Characteristics of Wood Plastic Composite Cladding

What Is Composite Cladding

The future wood cladding of road and bridge pavement is a new type of pavement surface material, which is composed of two-component pavement and wear-resistant and antiskid aggregate.

The pavement wood plastic composite cladding is mainly used in the construction and reconstruction of bridges to improve the wear resistance, anti-slip, anti-crack, waterproof and durability of the pavement. In addition, WPC panels can also reduce the thickness and load of the pavement, and adjust the color of the pavement.

Characteristics of Wood Plastic Composite Cladding

Strong skid resistance, wear-resistance and drainage of wood plastic composite panelscan shorten the braking distance by 40%, reduce road noise and driving water mist in rainy days and improve driving safety and comfort.

Composite cladding panels are thin in thickness and light in weight. The minimum thickness of the cladding can be 5mm which will not affect the clear height of the tunnel, does not increase the bridge load and pavement thickness and makes the design more flexible.

The construction speed with composite wood panels is fast, the road closure time is short. And the pavement structure is not changed (suitable for old pavement renewing).

Most of composite wood wall panels features excellent durability, long service life, high-temperature stability, low-temperature crack resistance.

Plastic wood panels are waterproof and corrosion-resistant, which can effectively prevent various corrosive medium from infiltrating with rainwater, and especially suitable for bridge deck.

Wood plastic wall panel are environment friendly, no volatile solvent, no heating construction, energy-saving and emission reduction.

The maintenance cycle of composite wall cladding can be extended from 3 - 5 years for ordinary asphalt pavement to more than 15 years, whether the WPC cladding cost of initial investment or long-term maintenance is lower than common asphalt pavement, long-term economic benefits are more obvious.

Wall cladding products are rich in color, different aggregates can be used to obtain roads rich in color and texture.

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