Different Types of Cladding Materials

WPC Cladding

WPC cladding is the perfect solution to protect your house from natural damage.

Easy to install

Compared with other wall decoration materials, WPC is light in weight, so it can be installed effectively and seamlessly.


WPC wall cladding is very durable. After proper maintenance, it can last for several years. In addition, its impact resistance can protect your house from immediate damage.

Energy Efficient

WPC products have high insulation properties. Compared with concrete and steel, their thermal conductivity is extremely low.


WPC cladding can be used in various home designs because they can be trimmed to any size and shape. WPC cladding also has various patterns. These can be used in any architectural design, and their flexibility allows them to be used in projects of any size.

ECO Friendly

Unlike the usual non-renewable building materials, WPC products are natural renewable resources. Compared with other materials used in construction, it contains the least amount of non-renewable materials. On the other hand, their recyclable properties make them the most environmentally friendly products used in building houses.

Stone Cladding

The stone cladding helps to create a natural stone look and at the same time brings a sense of style and elegance to your walls. The stone cladding is very suitable for internal and external use.

Wood Cladding

The wooden cladding helps to create an attractive appearance and is a great way to protect your house from elements. Suitable for both interior and exterior, it helps to create a very unique feature.

Glass Cladding

The glass cladding helps change the appearance of your building and offers various customization and design options. This cladding offers a variety of tempering, lamination, bending and enamelled options while being cost-effective and economical.

Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum is an extremely popular choice for cladding and is widely used for cladding purposes. The aluminum cladding has first-class recyclability and minimum maintenance, and will not rust or corrode like other metals.

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