Cinnamon Bark Oil

It's extracted from the bark of Cinnamon by SFE-CO2 Extraction. Cinnamon oil is a natural aphrodisiac, which can gently astringe skin, relax and tighten the loose skin after losing weight, promote blood circulation, imporve menstrual cramps, anti-aging, and remove skin warts. Furthermore, it reduces muscle spasms and rheumatism, and improve joint pain. It is also useful for stomach cramps, indigestion, nausea, flatulence, and diarrhea. Cinnamon bark oilis a good antibacterial agents, which is effective on cold or respiratory infections. Its warm and soothing characteristics, helping to produce joyful effect.

Specifications of Cinnamon Bark Oil by SFE-CO2

Raw material: Cinnamon Bark (Latin name: Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae)


CAS No.: 14371-10-9

Main active ingredient: Cinnamaldehyde ≥85%

Appearance: Brown oily liquid

Flavor: Cinnamon characteristic odor, sweet pungent taste

Lead: 0.0-10.0mg/kg

Iron: 0.0-10.0mg/kg

Mercury: 0.0-0.5mg/kg

Aerobic plate count: 0-5000 cfu/g

Coliform bacteria: 0-10 cfu/g

Mold count: 0-100 cfu/g

Yeast count: 0-100 cfu/g

Recommended Usage of Cinnamon Bark Oil

Add appropriate amount according to product characteristics and appropriate method.

This product is easy to oxidize and should be sealed and stored in a cool and dark place.

Effect of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Gentle skin, tighten loose skin after weight loss; promote the blood circulation, anti-aging.

Ease menstrual cramps.

Relieve muscle spasms and rheumatism, improve joint pain.

Strengthen the stomach, and help to relieve Stomach cramps, nausea, indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea.

Anti-bacterial, and effective on cold or respiratory infections.

Food additives, improve food flavor and aroma.

Applications of Cinnamon Bark Oil

Food additives ( Food Flavor)

Cosmetics, daily chemical.

Pharmaceutical, health care food

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