Personalised Orange Rubber Bracelets Wholesale

Orange rubber wristbands provided by YP Promotion can be personalized. From the size, color, design that you can give us your specific requirements about the orange silicone wristband. YP Promotion will make a perfect orange silicone bracelet that you really need.

Specification of personalised rubber bracelets

Material: 100% high-quality silicone material with SGS certificate, Eco-friendly.
Harmless, non-toxic, non-corrosiveness, PAHS free, Azo-free.
Low Cadmium, Nickel-free, can pass quality testing.
Function: Advertising and business promotion and party, wedding gift, likeplain silicone wristbandssuitable for all people.
Price: Bargain
Size: 160/180*12*2mm, 180*25*2mm
160/202*12*2mm, 202*25*2mm
or any size can be customized based on actual samples.
Logo: Any custom-made logo or text font or number design.
Technology: Silk-screen, debossed, embossed, attached with metal, filled with color etc.
1. 100% Eco-friendly and harmless material, idealcheap promotional items for business.
2. Non-toxic and tasteless, non-irritating to the shin and the human body side effect.
3. With High temperature and Non-cracking characteristics, long service life and Wear-resistant.
4. It has a certain tension and softness and is easily deformed, and immediate recovery.
5. Multi-color and Good color palette.

What does theorange silicone wristbandsmean?

In a hospital, an orange silicone bracelet worn by the patient has a special meaning, which represents leukemia, kidney cancer, autoinflammatory awareness, and multiple sclerosis. It is also used for self-harm awareness.

YP Promotion is a professional custom acrylic keychain manufacturers, we provide badge pin, silicone wristbands, custom promotional items no minimumand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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