Personalized Rubber Bracelets Bulk

Printed wristbands are the wristbands of your economic quick choice. YP Promotion has sufficient manufacturing capacity and advanced equipment, your message/ Logo/texts will easily get imprinted through the modern technique by our computerized screen print machines or Spot Pad Printing machines. Besides, our Spot Pad Printing option which can print your tricky logos with multicolour, you can get different choices from us!

Imprinted Silicone Rubber Bracelets for Sale
Here is the specification of custom printed rubber bracelets:
Material: Silicone
Size: Customized size
Shape: Regular/Special-shaped
1.This product is an environment-friendly silicone bracelet, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects on the human body.
2.The bracelet made of 100% silicone material has the advantages of softness, no cracking, long service life, no irritation to the skin, and so on.
3.The material is soft and the appearance design is a generous, simple, bright color, which is deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.
4. Likedebossed color filled silicone wristband,this is a popular color silicone jewelry, a star-struck, and promotional fashion item.

Features of Printed Rubber Wristbands with Sayings

Like camo silicone wristbands, personalized silicone rubber bracelet wristbands belong to the silicone environmental protection product, the appearance is fine, the price is cheap, the imprinted image is vivid, beautiful, lovely, suitable for the travel outdoor supplies identification card.

Enterprises choose this product to give gifts or a product promotion or exhibition publicity, conference souvenir, opening ceremony and so on will bring unexpected benefits to the company.

If you need to add a paper card color card please inform, in order to calculate the unit price, can also provide, our company can be free of charge on behalf of packaging.

Custom elastic printed silicone rubber bracelet wristbands can print company LOGO in bulk, blessing language, as a gift or for business promo products.

Silicone bracelet surfaces can be printed with corporate LOGO or advertising content, can be designed according to their own requirements.

customized to sample, where the product is taken to where the advertising, is the best choice for enterprises to choose gifts, business communication, etc.

YP Promotion is a professional custom acrylic keychain manufacturers, we provide lapel pin, silicone wristbands, wholesale promotional products no minimumand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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