Nylon Sleeve For Wires

QIAN-ZE Nylon sleeveis specialized in protecting wires, cables, hoses, oil lines from heat conditions and abrasion resistance that are widely used in automotive industry, heavy equipment, etc. Good fireproof insulationand abrasion resistance performance make QIAN-ZE Nylon wire sleevewithstand continuous exposure between -50℃-150℃(-58℉-302℉).

QIAN-ZE nylon protective sleeve is resistant to chemicals, UV damage, fluid and rot that are suitable for continuous outdoor application under severe weather conditions.
Nylon Braided Cable Sleeve Benefits
Nylon braided sleeves have advantages in many commercial and industrial applications. Here are some of the benefits nylon sleeves offer.

Flexibility. As we, one of fireproof material manufacturers, have discussed, most braided cable sleeves are highly flexible, especially compared with alternatives such as metal conduit, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can easily adapt to narrow spaces, pass through complex equipment configurations, and meet different cable shapes and sizes.

Better organization. Braided cable sleeves enable businesses to make many of their cables more organized, which collect the overwhelming amount of wires or cables into a neat and compact sheath to improve the professional appearance of the workspace. Nylon cable sleeve can also help your company quickly identify the position of cable, saving your time.

Resistance to damage. The durable braided cable sheath protects the cable from cuts and scratches. Their rugged structure enables them to withstand stronger mechanical pressure than individual wires or cables.

Expel moisture. Braided sleeves help to drain moisture because of their open braided structure. Moisture can easily pass through the braid rather than gather around the cable and can cause water stains, short circuits and fires.

Expansion capacity. The large expansion rate of many braided cable sleeves means that they can accommodate large cables. These nylon sleeves are ideal for giant cables that may not properly accommodate more rigid cable protection.

What Is A Braided Cable Sleeve
Braided cable sleeve, also known as nylon hose sleeve , is a kind of cable organizer and protector. These sleeves usually contain woven plastic fibers, usually woven polyester or another plastic, but metal woven cable sleeves can also be selected.

These useful products provide protection for wires and cables in industrial applications. They provide excellent protection against corrosion, wear, humidity, chemicals, mechanical waves and heat, which is like heat proof sleeve.

Unlike many other cable protector options, nylon braided cable sleeves typically consist of smooth, unbroken plastic or metal, while braided cable sleeves have a relatively open braid. This structure has several advantages. It easily dissipates heat through the opening and allows the water to evaporate quickly. It has excellent flexibility, so that employees can easily check whether the cable is damaged when needed.

Braided cable sleeves are durable and reliable, and they usually have a unique structure that can optimize their specific uses, such as fire or rat protection. They provide excellent protection for cables used in the toughest and heaviest industrial environments.
Quick Reference of Nylon Braided Cable Sleeve
Materials Polyester Fiber
Recommended Operating Temperature Continuous Exposure: -50℃-150℃(-58℉-302℉)
Melt: 250℃(482℉)
Size Range ID: 12mm-72mm(1/2”-2-3/4”)
Color Black
Typical Industries Transportation (Aerospace, Auto, Locomotive, Heavy Equipment)
Metals, Iron & Steel
Hose Fabrication
Oil & Gas
Robot Automation
Application High temperature and flame resistant
Water/Oil Proof
Good abrasion resistant

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