Auto Chemistry Analyzer GS480A

The GS480A is a robust and fully-auto of chemistry analyzer. The instrument is designed especially for middle-to-large laboratories. With its high throughput of 400T/H constantly, it can easily support the daily chemistry testing work for samples quantity about 200 and more.

Running as the main power of a standard lab, the machine supports basically every auto function of a big machine can provide, the large room for reagent/sample/cuvettes, the sensitive temperature control for reagent storage and sample reaction, the accurate probe design, the 8-steps water-fall washing, the real dual-wavelengths of 13 optical system, the user-friendly and standard GS software with reagent management, and more... All these allow us to get the higher performance of result with more walk-away time and shorten TAT (Turn-around time).

Specification of GS480A Fully Auto Analyzer

Random access, fully automated, STAT

Throughput: constant 400 T/H

Maintenance-free grating photometer

24-hour non-stop cooling system

8-step wash system

120 semi-permanent cuvettes

90 reagent positions, 105 sample positions Built-in barcode scanner

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