VE9 Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive

VE9Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive

The biggest highlight of the VE series is the vertical structure design. The vertical structure is mainly applied to solar tracking power generation. Its special structure effectively simplifies the complex structure design of the EPC bracket, reduces the overall system cost, and uses the vertical design to be more competitive in the market. The PE series precision type is processed by the latest technology, so that the tracking accuracy of the product can reach up to 0.05 degrees. The most important feature of the precision type is the ability to achieve precise and precise transmission and accurate positioning. This china slewing drive product also has a flexible input interface form, which is convenient for connection of various hydraulic motors and geared motors.

Main Application:single axis solar tracker, dual axis solar tracker, Vertical rotation of photovoltaic concentrating, photothermal power generation, etc.

Supply ability: Customized design.

Slewing Drive Performance Data

Normal Output Torque

Backwards Holding Torque

Tilting Torque

Static Radial Rating


Static Axial Rating


Dynamic Radial Rating


Dynamic Axial Rating


Slewing Drive Ratio


Rotating Output Rated Speed



International Protection(IP)


Tracing Precision

Worm Drive Temperature


Self-Lock Drive


Torsion Stiffness


Bending Stiffness


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VE9 Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive
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