Disposable Blood Sugar Lancets

Kohope, as a blood lancets manufacturer, has committed to improving blood glucose test lancets. Our blood glucose lancets products are better, and our blood lancets priceis more favorable.

Disposable Blood LancetsIntrioduction

In lancet blood tests, blood lancets are generally used to stab skin. Blood sugar lancets are always equipped with a blood-sampling device, which is a reusable apparatus. At the same time, blood sugar test lancet is also extremely common in diabetes blood glucose testing.

Safety blood lancets are single-use devices intended for capillary blood sampling. The blade of disposable blood lancetis automatically retracted after the puncture, helping prevent accidental injury after use. Safety lancets are available for various puncture depths and in two different needle gauges.

By using sterile blood lancets, needle-stick injuries and infections can be minimized.

Disposable Lancets Specifications









Blood Sugar/Glucose Test Lancet Details

Main material of blood glucose test lancet: ABS, LDPE, Spring, SUS304 stainless Steel

Blood Sugar Test Lancet Characteristic:

Compatible with most lancing devices

Sterilized by Gamma radiation

Fine Gauge, Tri-bevel tip for virtually painless sampling.

Consisting Depth penetration

Other Notes Of Blood Lancet Needle

Blood Lancet Needle Product Conformance:

In compliance with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC(CE Class: lla)

Blood Lancet Needle Quality Assurance:

The manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.

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