Bear & Honey-Looking Spinning Cups Rides

The bear & honey-looking spinning cupis a parent-child interaction class single-cup product. It is based on bear eating honey as the theme of design, the appearance of the cockpit design is a bear hug honeypot. Through the steering wheel in the cockpit, passengers adjust the direction of the honeypot during operation to complete the honeypot catching action. Our spinning cupsride suitable for parents and children to play at the same time, enhancing the intimacy between parents and children. The whole process of the game is accompanied by dynamic music and flashing light effects, which not only exercises the children's movement coordination ability but also improves the sense of participation in the play. This kind of spinning cups ride is a rare creative parent-child interactive product. At running time to increase the interest and participation, not only can it exercise the child's action coordination, but also improve game playing engagement.

Specifications of Bear and Honey Spinning Teacups Rides


φ6.8 x H3.4m

Rated voltage:


Rated power:




Spindle speed:


Maximum operating height:


Tourist capacity:

200P/h (playing time:3 mins)

Features of Bear and Honey Spinning Tea Cups Rides


The cockpit can realize the function of passing and catching the ball through the steering wheel while rotating, which increases the fun of playing.


The Bear and Honey Spinning Tea Cups use hi-fi function, so that the tourists are in a high mood when playing.

Automatic Collecting and Serving

The ball dropped on the ground and in the honeypot can realize automatic collecting function when the equipment is running; The ball transported to the top is distributed to each ball feeding port through a distribution device.


The whole equipment has a strong sense of thematic design and brilliant lighting, which increases the attractiveness of the equipment.

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