C&Q Bumper Rides

Spinning bumper carhasbeen popular for more than 100 years since their development. C&Q Amusement's fairground bumper carshave also been updated several times, and our current bumper rides include Crazy Jeep, Happy Bumper Car and VR Bumper Car. Crazy Jeep's jungle adventure appearance looks very attractive, and its passengers look as if they are competing with Bumper cars in the rainforest. VR Bumper cars need to wear VR glasses so that passengers can enjoy playing bumper cars in different scenes. In the meanwhile, we can customize a variety of soli bumper carsaccording to customer requirements. If you are interested, please contact us!

Types of Spin Zone Bumper Cars for Sale

Crazy Jeep

Crazy jeep is a jungle safari appearance of bumper car. It will strengthen the awareness of people to protect animals during playing bumper cars. There is a lion lying in the shed, when the car is hit, the feet of the lion will fall down to step on the head of the player as punishment.

Bumper Rides Safety Rules

For your better game experience, please read the safety instructions carefully.

Please keep your seat belt fastened at all times during the ride.

Please take good care of your belongings.

Please make sure your health condition is suitable to play it.

Please do not do any dangerous actions during the game.

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